Vacancy/ Job Title:

A-frame Operator

Job Description:

Obtains soil and rock samples for engineering purposes, selects the drilling method suitable for the geologic conditions encountered during borehole progression, installs geotechnical instrumentation devices, such as slope indicators and open well piezometers, assembles a floating barge when drilling over water, including anchoring and stabilizing, to provide a safe working platform, reads engineering plans to identify boring locations, coordinates utility clearance for boreholes in accordance with Industrial Code 53, prepares vehicle reports, maintains detailed field logs for each boring, and trains Labourers, Assistant Drill Rig Operators, and Assistant Drill Rig Operator Trainees.

Job Requirements:

• Extensive knowledge of operating drill rig machinery (A-frame) and allied equipments.

• Ability to work efficiently in a geotechnical drill crew team.

• Excellent physical fitness levels that help perform the various physically enduring tasks.

• Capability of working in harsh climatic and unfavorable geographic conditions.

• Highly skillful at following guidelines and taking directives.

Contact Person: Mr. Dawood
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Contact No.: +65 - 8183 7608